Louie Alfaro is a producer & audio engineer whose musical style suits his own personal sense of versatility. This style allows him to mix multiple genres to achieve a notably distinguished sound, which is characterized by a mixture of timeless music and modern technology. Most of the music he writes & produces carries with it an important message that describes the world in which we currently live in. It aims at shifting the tide of popular music in an informative & creative new direction.  


     Over the past 10 years, he has also surveyed the film production world in great length; having worked with a variety of production companies, bands, and artists as a sound mixer, sound editor, and recording engineer. In 2014, he produced and directed "Wall Street Government", which was successfully funded through kickstarter. 



     All of his work is unreserved, untainted by corporate censorship, easily accessible, and part of a cultivation of forward-thinking art.